Request for Application (RFA) Research on Enabling Civic Tech Ecosystem & Open Election Data Readiness

Request for Application (RFA)






The Asia-Pacific Regional Support for Elections and Political Transitions (RESPECT) is a USAID funded program with a purpose of supporting and improving election integrity, and electoral justice in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a five-year program implemented through the Leader with Associate Awards Cooperative Agreement by Perludem or Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (The Association for Elections and Democracy) in collaboration with Perhimpunan Pengembangan Media Nusantara/PPMN (The Indonesian Association for Media Development).

Enabling Civic Tech Ecosystem to Improve the Integrity of Elections is a topic of RESPECT research activity planned to be conducted in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. As part of to increase the use of ICT to improve citizen participation in elections and political processes, these research aims to assess and assist in planning what actions could consider in order to establish an effective and inclusive election civic tech program. To achieve that goals, the research will examine two aspects. First, the research will seek a rapid diagnostic of dimensions considered essential for the success of the program development. This research will also provide holistic assessment on availability of key datasets. Therefore, the assessment should consider whether key datasets are available and what would need to be done in order to release them as open data.

For this purpose, PERLUDEM is looking for the innovative and capable applicants to be able to support RESPECT to achieve the goal through conducting the research on:

  1. Enabling Civic Tech Ecosystem;
  2. Open Election Data Readiness.

These research aim to provide contextual analysis and recommendations to RESPECT for future support in developing civic tech ecosystem & open election data readiness to improve the integrity of elections. In the incoming year, RESPECT will support effective election observation using comprehensive strategies that promote timely collection of data, analysis and dissemination of results via various media.

The objective of the two research is interlinked thus each research should be done in the atmosphere to support the improvement of each components – Civic Tech and Open Data. While it would be more preferable for the two research to be undertaken by the same organization, however we understand that the two components might have a very different detailed focus thus applicants are open to submit proposal for either one of the researches on which their organization are focusing or both.

More description on research objective and eligibility criteria for organizations are outlined in the RFA (Request for Application) that is attainable for download on this page.

Interested organization shall send their Notification of Interest along with any questions they may have regarding the RFA, by email to within 3 (three) working days upon receiving the invitation email (by o/a August 6, 2020). Deadline for submission of FGAF is by Close of Business on August 16, 2020.

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