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Jakarta. Titi Anggraini, executive director of the Association for Elections and Democracy, or Perludem, believes electronic recapitulation of votes may resolve election disputes in Indonesia.

She said the main issues in Indonesia’s election system did not occur at polling stations, but during the recapitulation process, which often produces varied results.

“Therefore, Perludem has proposed the implementation of e-recap, rather than e-voting, to prevent or break the chain of disputes in general elections in Indonesia,” Titi said in Jakarta on Monday (20/03).

She said several parties have manipulated the results due to many stages in the recapitulation process. The number of votes brought out at polling stations may change when it is being calculated.

Additionally, officials have also reported missing votes during the transfer process from polling stations to the Regional Election Commission (KPUD).

“Other issues include mistakes related to technicalities of vote recording in C1 forms, or miscalculations during the tallying process. This also include the long period until the results are announced,” Titi added.

She said the e-recap technology should be implemented inclusively, to allow public access without any discrimination.

“It should also be easily understandable for every citizen,” she said.

Perludem has also studied the budget for the e-recap engines, which are cheaper than the e-voting equipment. However, she was unable to confirm the amount due to unavailable parameters in the calculation.

The election advocacy organization has highlighted the importance of solving problems in the election process without creating new ones. Aside from that, the technology should be tested to prevent similar mistakes faced by other countries.

“The new technology should be able to contribute to fair, honest and democratic elections,” Titi said.

Indonesia will hold more simultaneous regional elections in 2018, in addition to the general and presidential elections in 2019.

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