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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Association for Election and Democracy (Perludem) head Titi Anggraini stated that sectarian politics and identity politics that make use of tribal affiliations, religion, race and societal groups (SARA) will still go strong in 2018 Regional Election. Such a statement, Titi expressed, is based on her observation from 2017 Gubernatorial Election and statements made by several political parties.

“Strong indications of the use of the issues are evident,” Titi said in Central Jakarta on Friday, December 22. She explained that a number of political parties have mentioned they will duplicate the strategy used in Jakarta Gubernatorial election in regional elections since they find it effective to win votes.

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Titi believed that SARA will very likely be used in 2018 Regional Election. “This is because there is no party providing balance by stating that what happened in the Gubernatorial Election is not because of SARA,” she added.

Furthermore, Titi continued, Java is a huge source of votes. Regions like Central Java, West Java and East Java will determine the success of incumbent leaders for two periods. “Central Java is likely to have an incumbent, and if Gerindra steps up with their candidate, a competition antithesis will occur resembling Jakarta Gubernatorial election,” Titi stated.


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