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Election observation is an important activity in an effort to maintain the integrity of the election administration. This activity is usually carried out by civil society concerned with holding elections in accordance with the principles of free and fair election. Therefore, election observation activities must have clear guidelines, so that civil society as observers can observe the implementation of each aspect and stage of the general election comprehensively.

Based on this, Perludem through the RESPECT program seeks to manifest election observation guidelines in the module. Writing this module aims for several things. First, it aims to take a specific segmentation of issues. Second, this module also aims to make observation activities a means to protect the right to vote for marginalized groups. The marginal groups referred to in this module include groups with disabilities, indigenous groups, women, and youth groups, particularly the first-time voters.

This module is expected to be useful for all civil society who wish to become election observers. In addition, this module is also intended for observers who want to focus on specific issues, especially in the issue of protection of political rights of marginalized groups. It is hoped that this module can assist election observers in conducting observation activities with specific issues.

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