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The culmination of elections lies on the day of voting and counting. On that day, citizens determine who will be elected to fill positions in the executive and legislative branches of power, and will form the government. In this stage, election organizers at the polling station level become the spearhead because they are the ones who will ensure that citizens’ votes are kept confidential, not manipulated, and counted correctly. Therefore, the election stage at polling stations is crucial to be monitored by many parties to ensure that elections can be held freely and fairly.

In the 2024 General Election, there are 204,807,222 voters. Young voters will dominate the number of voters in the 2024 Election, amounting to 113,622,550 voters or 56.45%. This means that young voters will greatly determine the process of organizing the 2024 elections. Young voters can contribute greatly, not only limited to giving their voting rights on voting day, but also contributing as election monitors and even becoming ad hoc election organizers at the polling station level.

Young voters are often considered apathetic to political issues and the organization of elections. Young voters are often asked about their experience. In fact, young voters actually care about social and political issues. It’s just that so far they have only been spectators. Their voices and aspirations are not heard, and they have limited access to comprehensive information about elections. In fact, we always encourage voters to become empowered voters.