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There are many election hoaxes circulating on various digital platforms, ranging from hoaxes about election participants, the election process, to hoaxes attacking vulnerable groups of voters. Some of the hoaxes are old hoaxes that are circulating again, such as Chinese citizens being given electronic Resident Identity Cards (KTP) for Indonesian Citizens (WNI), the death of election adhoc officials due to poisoning, cardboard ballot boxes which are a source of election fraud, and vote manipulation by taking advantage of the rights select mental disability. All these hoaxes are like pollution in the election information ecosystem in Indonesia.

Supported by TikTok, Lucudem is committed to continuing to contribute to maintaining a healthy election information ecosystem, which is able to protect voters from information interference that could disrupt the quality of voting rights, while still maintaining TikTok as a safe digital platform for a variety of political expressions and inclusive narratives.

This guidebook for fighting election hoaxes on TikTok was created to educate TikTok users so they can identify election hoax content, encourage critical thinking, and provide technical guidance on how to report election hoax content on TikTok. You can study this guide so that you can get involved in creating healthy, inclusive elections, and protect yourself and others from information interference.