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The determination of the results of the 2024 national election recapitulation is expected to be completed on Tuesday (19/3). The reason is that the count will be held for two provinces, namely West Java and Southwest Papua, Monday (18/3).

Then, three other provinces, Papua, Papua Mountains and Maluku, will have their national counts held, Tuesday (19/3).

Program Manager for the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) Fadli Ramadhanil believes that if all allegations of fraud are not properly clarified during the recapitulation, the legitimacy of the election will become a never-ending issue.

“Yes, of course, if all the allegations of fraud are not properly clarified, the legitimacy of the election will continue to be questioned,” said Fadli to Media Indonesia, Tuesday (19/3).

“Moreover, we are in a condition where supervisory agencies and law enforcement agencies, including ethics guards, are also part of the problem,” he added.

Fadli reminded that the judges who will lead the dispute must be truly independent.

Fadli emphasized that there should be no intervention from anyone, including the authorities.

This is the last bet in the midst of a crisis of confidence in the Constitutional Court. Now, the time has come to restore the credibility and integrity of the Constitutional Court after the decision that approved Gibran as vice presidential candidate.


This article was published on Mediaindonesia.com with the title ““Perludem: Dugaan Kecurangan Tidak Terklarifikasi, Legitimasi Pemilu Jadi Soal”, https://mediaindonesia.com/politik-dan-hukum/659678/perludem-dugaan-kecurangan-tidak-terklarifikasi-legitimasi-pemilu-jadi-soal