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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP) was declared not to pass the parliamentary threshold (PT) of 4 percent in the 2024 Legislative Election (Pileg).

Based on the recapitulation of election results conducted by the Indonesian KPU, PPP has not passed the parliamentary threshold of 3.87 percent with a total of 5,878,777 votes.

The Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) noted a shift in PPP seats in 12 electoral districts (electoral districts).

This was conveyed by Perludem researcher Heroik Pratama in a discussion entitled “Proportionality and Party System of the 2024 DPR Election Results”, in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta, Sunday (3/24/2024).

“For PPP, he passed in 12 electoral districts, in Aceh 1, West Java (Jabar) 9, West Java 11, Central Java (Jateng) 2, Central Java 3, East Java (Jatim) 3, Jatim 8, Jatim 11, Banten 1, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) 2, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) 1, and Sulsel 2. The average PPP seat in these 12 electoral districts is one,” Heroik said.

He cited the example of a PPP candidate in Aceh Constituency 1, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, who received more than 100,000 votes.

However, due to the 4 percent parliamentary threshold, the acquisition of DPR seats will be shifted.

“If converted into seats with only eight political parties passing the parliamentary threshold, the PPP seat (in Aceh Constituency 1) shifts to PKS,” Heroik said.

PPP should also get one seat each in West Java Constituency 9 and West Java Constituency 11. However, due to the parliamentary threshold, PPP’s seat acquisition shifted to NasDem.

Then in Central Java 2, the acquisition of PPP seats shifted to PDI Perjuangan.

Previously, PDIP only got one seat in Central Java 2.

“Then he (PDIP) got 2 seats (in Depok Jateng 2). As a result, PPP was not included in the conversion of votes to seats,” said Heroik.

PKB, which initially only got one seat, became 2 seats in East Java 3.

Then in East Java 8 and East Java 11, the PPP seat shifted to Golkar.

Then in Banten 1 constituency, the PPP seat switched to Golkar.

“In Banten 1, initially Golkar did not get a seat, but because PPP did not participate in the conversion, the seat was then obtained by Golkar,” concluded Heroik.

Furthermore, in NTB 2 constituency, PPP votes went to PDIP and NasDem with one seat each.

In South Sulawesi 1, it switched to NasDem with 2 seats.

Then finally, in South Sulawesi 2, PPP seats switched to Golkar with the acquisition of 2 seats.

PPP sues Constitutional Court, asks for vote transfer to be returned

The United Development Party (PPP) has officially filed a lawsuit to dispute the results of the legislative elections (PHPU) to the Constitutional Court (MK).

“Today, we PPP officially filed a PHPU lawsuit to the Constitutional Court,” said PPP DPP Chairman Achmad Baidowi, aka Awiek, on the sidelines of the PHPU registration at the Constitutional Court building, Jakarta, on Saturday (23/3/2024).

In submitting this legislative election dispute application, Awiek said, PPP was strengthened by 23 legal counsel teams.

Awiek said that his party questioned the PPP votes that were allegedly lost in a number of electoral districts (electoral districts), causing the figures obtained in the KPU’s national recapitulation to only penetrate 3.87 percent or below the 4 percent parliamentary threshold.

Awiek explained that he challenged the recapitulation results in 18 provinces and 30 electoral districts.

“(The most detrimental recapitulation results for PPP) one of them is in the Papua Mountains. In fact, there was a candidate himself who came. He brought C1, he (won votes) as much as more than 5 thousand, but in the national recapitulation results it was written 200 or so. Where are the thousands?” he said.

Awiek believes that PPP should have received more than 6 million votes.

“It is already above 4.4 percent. Almost 4.1 lah, 4.0 sekian lah. That’s about it,” he said.

In filing this lawsuit, PPP attached a number of pieces of evidence, including C1 data with D.Hasil comparisons, as well as events that occurred during the vote recapitulation process.

“Because we are indeed supported by evidence there. What is possible based on our tracking in those electoral districts is that PPP votes were lost. Not much, in the electoral districts it is at most 3 thousand, 4 thousand, but it happens throughout the electoral districts. So that when totaled it is more than 200 thousand (missing votes). Now that is what is tracked,” he added.

In his petition, Chairman of the PPP Legal Aid Advocacy Institute (LABH), Erfandi said, asked the Constitutional Court to provide an opportunity as well as determine that the party bearing the Ka’bah symbol gets seats in the DPR.

“We ask for the transfer of votes to be returned to the PPP. Because that is PPP’s right,” he explained.

Not only that, PPP also asked the Constitutional Court to declare that re-voting (PSU) should be carried out in places that use the noken system, such as in Papua.

“But, in essence, later in the trial, because this is not yet a trial. So we can’t comment much, because it will be proven in court,” he explained.


This article was published on Tribunnews.com with the title “Tak Lolos Ambang Batas Parlemen, Ke Mana Larinya Suara PPP? Begini Analisis Perludem”, https://www.tribunnews.com/mata-lokal-memilih/2024/03/24/tak-lolos-ambang-batas-parlemen-ke-mana-larinya-suara-ppp-begini-analisis-perludem.