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Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Representative of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) Nur Amalia Salabi said that the public has participated greatly in organizing the 2024 elections. Community participation, said Perludem, was also quite high in realizing election hoaxes.

According to Amalia, all levels of society can fill the space for participation as actors in elections, for example as election organizers at the sub-district, village and KPPS levels.

“Perludem, for example, we trained students on five campuses to become KPPS and TPS supervisors. Capacity building for friends that was carried out from the start, turned out to be successful in preparing young friends to carry out their duties properly in accordance with the laws and regulations,” he said in a Virtual Class themed: “Let’s Understand the Rules of the Game After the Election So We Don’t Get Hoaxed” organized by Cek Fakta Liputan6.com.

He added, “This is evidenced by the polling stations they handle, none of which conduct re-voting.”

Meanwhile, Perludem said that together with 18 other civil society organizations and one independent researcher, they formed a civil society coalition against disinformation, which includes Bawaslu and Kominfo. But according to him, prevention has not been effective because Bawaslu is still not active in preventing hoaxes.

“Now there are many channels on Youtube and Facebook that produce hoaxes. Well then it must be informed, those who can be authorized to contact social media platforms are Bawaslu and Kominfo, then the recommendation letter has been submitted to Bawaslu and Kominfo but not followed up,” he said.

He added that in the end, civil society came to the social media platforms themselves and the forum was effective enough to convey and follow up the results of the truth of information findings from civil society.

“So the record so far is that with Bawaslu, they are less active in preventing hoaxes, but it is civil society that works a lot to prevent and overcome hoaxes in the 2024 elections,” he said again.


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