Perludem is an independent non-profit organization that carries out research, advocacy, monitoring, education and training in the field of elections and democracy for policy makers, organizers, participants and voters, whose funding sources come from fundraising and other non-binding assistance.


The realization of a democratic state and the holding of elections that are able to accommodate people's freedom and maintain people's sovereignty.


  1. Building an election system that is in accordance with democratic principles;
  2. Increase the capacity of policy makers, organizers, participants and voters to understand the philosophy of election objectives and democracy, and have technical knowledge and skills in organizing elections;
  3. Monitor the implementation of elections so that they remain in accordance with the regulations and principles of democratic elections;
  4. Developing a data and information center as well as electoral research in Indonesia;
  5. Expanding institutional networks to strengthen the values ​​of democratic elections;
  6. Increasing the capacity of Tulisdem personnel to become election activists with integrity and competence;
  7. Strengthening the capacity ofeludem to become a transparent, accountable and democratic institution.


In running the organization, Perludem and personnel are guided by the agreed values ​​as follows:

  1. Non-Partisan , an attitude of not taking sides, or showing siding with political parties and/or election participants;
  2. Integrity , conformity between words, attitudes and actions towards agreed values;
  3. Fair , truthful, impartial, and just;
  4. Equality , building balanced relationships with all parties;
  5. Participative , providing opportunities for everyone to be involved in all activities relevant to their respective competencies;
  6. Freedom , freedom of opinion, expression and behavior without pressure from other parties;
  7. Independent , every decision and action is based on one's own considerations, not because of the intervention of other parties.


The mandate giver is the community represented by the Founder to oversee elections in Indonesia.